Toys for Tots 2020

It’s time for the annual Toys for Tots Parade. In fact, I’m just barely getting this in on time because it is the day of the parade and I’m just about to go get the bike ready to go.

This is a great ride for a great cause. The entry fee each year is a new toy valued at $20 or more which are then donated to less fortunate children at Christmas-time. In years past, they practically fill an 18-20′ bob-tail truck van with toys for the kids and I expect the same this year. This annual parade garners more turn-out than any other motorcycle event in Amarillo of which I can think.

Registration starts at Noon at a Rock ‘n Roll bar called, “Skooterz” on Old Route 66 in Amarillo. The parade will actually start about 1pm. Beginning at about SW 6th Ave & Western St., we’ll travel East on 6th Street into downtown Amarillo where we’ll turn South on South Harrison and thence to SW 34th St. where we’ll turn East again on 34th and travel to S. Authur St. where we’ll turn North and ride to SW 10th Ave. where we’ll again turn East and ride to the Christian Heritage Church at 900 S. Nelson. (see map below)

In years past, upon arrival at the church — where it’s a major to-do trying to park all those bikes — we would turn in our toy donation, pick up out souvenir t-shirt, and be given a bbq sandwich. This year, due to CoVid, there won’t be sandwiches, but there will be food trucks from which food can be purchased. Also, in years past, they’ve had dozens of vendors inside the church activity building. This year, they are supposed to be all outside — again, due to CoVid. It should be interesting, especially if the West Texas wind gets up.

I’m going to get ready now and I’ll have more after the event.

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